About Custom Software

Custom And Database Software Development

When what you need can't be found on a store shelf, AssKickin Solutions can build a custom business software solution specifically for you. From invoice software to integrated online systems, we can work with you to create a complete custom business software package that will meet all your business needs.

We design, develop, implement, repair and modify all types of invoice software and database applications, from simple standalone databases, to multi-user client-server and web-based applications. Develop a customized database solution tailored to your company's requirements that can't be found in an over-the-counter software package. Our systems easily integrate with MS Office and other suites of products. We can also clean and migrate the data from one system to another.

We have years of experience developing software, and we ensure your product will be both useful, and reliable.

Application Development

Custom software business solutions avoid the needless complexities and unused features of generic boxed packages. Instead, your software package is designed to meet your specific needs. You will have input during the entire development process, which will ensure that your custom software is precisely what you're looking for.

While other companies create solutions with a generic umbrella of features; forcing you to use what you're given, we're focused on engineering applications to fit businesses. Our development packages like invoice software and inventory tracking systems can handle heavy loads smoothly, and give you a system that works for your growing company in the real world.

At AssKickin, we have the best database pros, artists, innovators, writers and problem solvers available and they are always busy making improvements. We've got what it takes - expertise, a great track record and a customer-comes-first approach.

We apply a Rapid Application Development (RAD) model. The RAD model is designed to provide the speediest possible development cycle by reducing risks, redundancies and potential errors.

We ensure that your project goes through in depth initial analysis and planning before we begin development. After the project is complete it is put through rigorous testing, adjustments and analysis. When the program is deployed to your organization, we maintain a close relationship with you to review the software and provide user training or technical support. Give us a call, and see why it's AssKickin software Windsor businesses are using.

We Specialize In:

  • Programming / Software Development
  • Customized Database Applications
  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing
  • Technical Support & Maintenance
  • Database Design
  • Database Conversion (includes importing & exporting data)
  • Database Security - User authentication
  • Client / Server, Multi-User, Multi-Tier Architecture
  • Invoice Software

Linux Support

We are paying close attention to the Linux Operating System as well as the Open Source movement. The technology associated with this extremely fast-paced community is quite extensive, and cutting-edge.

Even though Linux distributions are becoming more and more user- friendly, the effective usage and setup of Linux systems can require a massive learning curve. We can help straighten out the kinks and allow you to unlock the full potential of this effective operating system.

Note: We also develop software for the Linux Operating System. For more information, please read the Application Development section.

Porting Software to Linux

Linux has proven itself to be a very solid, and stable operating system. The only problem is that much of the software we wish to use in everyday life was not developed to be used on this platform, and will not work. But now there is an answer...

Anyone interested in having their software needs ported (converted) to the Linux platform has definitely found the right place! AssKickin Solutions would be more than happy to work with you to develop and implement your project. Simply e-mail us or give us a call!

Note: For this to work you must have the original source code for the application you wish to have ported, and redeveloped to work with the Linux Operating System.

Ready-To-Use Packages

Perhaps we have an existing software package ready to meet your needs. Below is a list of packages that are ready for you.

+ Automation for financial and economic activity.
+ Invoice Software / Inventory Management Software.
+ Book Inventory
+ Jewellery Inventory