Why Is Your Web Presence Important?

Why does your company need a website? We could quote statistics that show that the Internet is becoming one of the main methods people use to find information on products, services and companies... but numbers just can't say the blunt truth. Potential customers question the professionalism, commitment to customer service, and long-term stability of a company without a website. The popularity of the web means that when potential clients find out you don't have a website, the reaction is similar to how they would feel if you weren't in the phone book. They wonder why. A professional website says that you are on top of your market, that you have a sound business plan for the future, and that you want to make the customer's experience with your company as positive as possible.

We have spoken to business people in many different market sectors, and have discovered that in some industries there is a feeling that a website is just not useful for "their type of clients". And that no one buys "product x" or "service y" online, so why bother with a website? A website is about more than just selling products and services. It gives the latest news and contact information for your company. It announces expansions and new products or services. It can boast about a good reputation, a long standing presence in the industry, or positive client testimonials. It can be an information resource for customers, or a way for potential clients to take a look at your facilities, equipment, products or service packages.

A website can be there to assist your customers when your company is closed for holidays, when your customer service department is swamped, or in the middle of the night. When shopping around, some potential clients look elsewhere the instant they call and get a busy signal, voicemail, or are put on hold. But your website is always on, and always there. In short... it can connect your company directly to current and potential customers or portray a positive image for your company. With a website from AssKickin you can open your doors to the online world!

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